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About the Conference

Libraries play a crucial role in fostering knowledge for the development of the society; they are the major role players in the threshold of information dissemination activity dealing with organization, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information thus satisfying user expectations. But the information explosion and ICT revolution has created a major challenge for the library system to deal with the changing expectation of the user in the context of enormous availability of information in several places and in several forms. To keep pace with this phenomenon ICT application into library services has arisen. In fact, the emergence of ICT and its application in Library and Information Centres has revamped library services. Digital Libraries are the outcome of extensive research and development in the field of ICT and its application into library and information centers for enhanced services because in a technology driven world the libraries have to switch themselves from traditional libraries to Next generation libraries based on the need of the hour.

Therefore, this conference has been planned to provide a platform to enable interaction among public library professionals, academic library professionals, digital library experts, researchers, academicians, and students to adopt, implement and utilize Digital Library and all other available latest technologies. The conference will also address future implications towards shaping information paradigm to bridge the digital divide through knowledge sharing and to provide an opportunity to identify the strengths and gaps in the library system to suggest new models, policies and mechanisms for reshaping the traditional libraries into next generation libraries.