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Themes and Sub-Themes

Changing Role of Libraries in Digital Initiatives: Digital libraries, open access repositories, social media analytics, social media and applications in libraries, social networks; digital humanities, Content Creation and Management; Digital preservation and digital curation, intellectual property issues, digital archive infrastructures, Mobile information services; Search Engine optimization; Semantic Web, Web services, Web Technologies and its applications; Web Archiving;  Big data and data science.  

Role of Libraries in the service of society: Information literacy; personalized service and user modeling; Embedded librarianship; library inclusion and exclusion, user perception, Community Based Information Systems; Library Services to Multicultural Populations, Outreach Services and special interest groups; Digital literacy- health literacy- financial literacy- Community development – inclusive society- capacity building initiatives- improving quality of life.

Research Information Management System: Bibliometrics, scientometrics, webometrics and Altmetrics; Citation Analysis, community networks for scientific data; Research management. Impact Factor.

Emerging Technologies in Library Services: E-Resource Management; Information Access: Retrieval and Browsing, Information Retrieval; Integration of Information Resources; Knowledge Organization and Ontologies in Digital Library; Metadata standards and protocols in digital library systems; Mobile Technology and its Application in Library Services; Security of Library Resources; Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems; Cloud Computing and Library Services.

Role of Libraries in Knowledge Management (KM): Knowledge Management, Knowledge Economy, Libraries and information centres; Measurement and evaluation of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Innovation and Dissemination Management; Knowledge Management strategies and models. Social Networking and KM; Information communication technology and KM.

Role of Libraries in teaching, Learning and Research: LIS education, professional code of ethics, professional body; Quality assurance; Open Access Educational Resources; Future librarians and future skills; scholarly information; Knowledge based and innovative service for Teaching, Learning and Research- Research support service- Carrier guidance - Scholarship.